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Career Support for Contractors

When registering with Edward Thomas, contractors are joining a genuine community of like-minded professionals supported by a payroll company devised and structured in accord with their professional interests. The 'Valuing Contractors' strapline underpins every facet of the company and serves as an ever-present reminder of our fundamental purpose and responsibilities.

We acknowledge that the payroll industry has a less than favourable reputation in certain quarters, which is precisely why we have positioned the wellbeing of contractors at the heart of the Edward Thomas brand. When choosing Edward Thomas to manage their earnings, contractors are guaranteed to get paid accurately and on time, every time. Again, at odds with the wider industry, our Contractor Support Team are always available to ensure you enjoy a positive customer experience with us without exception.

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Maximised Take-home Pay

Fully compliant gross-to-net payroll calculations ensure that contractors' take-home pay is maximised in accord with their professional status and entitlements. With all tax, National Insurance contributions and statutory deductions paid at source, contractors are protected against any future liabilities or scrutiny from HMRC. All calculations, deductions and employment costs are included on contractor payslips which comply with Government legislation and industry standards.

Guaranteed Weekly or Daily Payment Dates

Unlike many of our competitors, Edward Thomas operates both weekly and daily payroll runs to ensure contractors are paid at the earliest opportunity, even if they have worked intermittently. Contractors also receive advance details of their gross-to-net earnings via text message, which allows them time to ensure all calculations are correct or to raise a query if necessary. Typically, any queries are dealt with and resolved within two hours and in real-time.

Multi-agency & Assignment Capability

We recognise that many contractors now work through more than one recruitment agency and even undertake multiple assignments simultaneously. Our processes and procedures are designed to cater for any such circumstances, even if a different payroll solution is required for various contract or working arrangements. Edward Thomas prides itself on being at the forefront of the ever-growing contractor landscape and provides flexible payroll solutions to meet this demand.

Industry-leading Contractor Support Team

When registering with Edward Thomas and entrusting us to manage your earnings, you are automatically introduced to our Contractor Support Team, who are committed to ensuring you truly benefit from your relationship with us. Personable and knowledgeable, the team is always available to assist with pay queries, relevant legislation updates and to make sure you are getting the most from the Edward Thomas Rewards App. Contractors are also encouraged to get in touch with the team even if they just fancy a friendly chat.

Free Edward Thomas Rewards App

All contractors registered with Edward Thomas are given a free subscription to an online employee benefits App where you can access a vast selection of money-saving discounts and special offers from a myriad of retailers and service providers.

These include all major supermarkets, High Street outlets & online retailers, fashion & beauty brands, home & garden products, restaurants & cafes, entertainment chains and wellbeing & health organisations, plus an invaluable discounted fuel card.

Many of our contractors are saving up to £2000 per year by regularly using the Edward Thomas Rewards App.

Compliant Payroll
Protecting the interests of the Contractor Supply Chain

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